Senior Catizen "Retirement Home"

Senior Cat Action Network currently has two senior catizens in its House of Purrs Eldercare (or "HOPE") Program. At this time, we are not able to accept any additional cats into our care due to space and financial constraints. However, if you are in the NJ/NY/PA area and are interested in becoming a foster with us, please reach out! We would love to be able to start building our foster base to support this amazing program and help more super senior cats.


Unknown birth date

Sati (estimated to be 15 years old) arrived at Senior Cat Action Network as an owner surrender on 12/30/2021. Her owner moved into a nursing home and no family members were able to take her in, leaving her at risk of going to a shelter. She is an incredibly loving cat that craves human affection. Although we had no medical history for Sati, she was diagnosed by our vet with hyperthyroidism but is doing very well with her daily meds. She had a full dental in March 2022, which left her with one canine and one incisor, but it doesn't stop her from eating everything she sees and yelling to be sure you know she wants to eat...again!

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Unknown birth date

Mickey (estimated to be 18 years old) arrived at Senior Cat Action Network from the NYC Animal Care Center in Brooklyn on 02/26/2022. When this sweet boy was at risk due to a URI, we were able to get him out of the shelter and into a safe and loving home with our first ever foster, thanks to the amazing help of AmsterDog Rescue. Mickey does have some medical issues going on, including kidney disease, which we are trying to manage while he is with our foster. He will also need an abdominal ultrasound in the near future. For now, he is loving his new life and has proven to be a total lover and a true couch potato!

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Your donations allow us to continue to help senior cats that deserve a chance to live their final chapter with love and proper care. Help us provide for their care and ensure their story ends with love and compassion...

In Loving Memory

Not all angels have wings...some have whiskers

Our hearts are forever impacted by the amazing super seniors that have been part of our organization but are no longer here with us in physical form. Whether their time with us was long or short, they were deeply loved and that will never change. These cats were entrusted to our care by often loving owners and we were honored to care for and love them as though they were our own.

Rest easy sweet angels...until we meet again.


Born:         May 9, 2003
Arrived:    August 7, 2020
Passed:     June 18, 2022

Sammy was our first "retiree", arriving at Senior Cat Action Network in August 2020 at the age of 17 after his owner's health declined and he was no longer able to care for this sweet ginger boy. Sammy was an exceptionally charismatic and loving cat that was always happy and loved to sleep under the covers at night with our Founder. If not sleeping with a human, Sammy loved his cuddle bed and you could always find him snoozing in one. He was our deeply loved gingerbread man and we miss hearing him holler and paw at us for more treats. 

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Born:        February 18, 2004
Arrived:   July 28, 2021
Passed:    July 8, 2022

Jesse was our second "retiree", arriving at Senior Cat Action Network in July 2021 at the age of 17 after her parents moved to an assisted living facility out of state. Upon arrival, we learned that Jesse was a purebred Maine Coon and true to her breed, she was a gentle and loving cat. Jesse loved to be spoken to and would purr no matter what the topic of conversation was. She also loved to receive kisses, being sure to lean in to fully receive them - in turn, she would give kisses back by licking your nose. Jesse was a stubborn cat, but knew what she liked and didn't like. We loved it and miss her immensely...especially her amazing bleps!

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