Senior Cat Action Network serves to advocate for "super" senior cats (typically aged 15 years and over) by partnering with public charity 501(c)(3) rescues to fund the medical costs of aged felines in their care.

Rescue Partner Medical Funding Program

By assisting our rescue partners with medical funding, Senior Cat Action Network inherently increases the survival rate of super senior cats in our country’s shelters. It provides a funding source that rescues can rely on when they pull a senior cat that is 15 years old or older and find that medical costs will be significant and / or higher than anticipated.

All funds for the Rescue Partner Medical Funding Program will be sourced through supporter donations and will be limited to the amount of funding raised by / available to Senior Cat Action Network.

Sammy, our first "retiree", enjoying a cat nap (17.5 years old)

Senior Catizen "Retirement Home"

When space is available, Senior Cat Action Network operates as a safe haven for aged felines, ensuring that they have all the love and medical care that they need for the remainder of their lives. Our House of Purrs Eldercare (or "HOPE") Program allows us to care for the pets of donors who have provided for their cat in their will (or when they have become ill and can no longer care their cat on their own). If space is available, we may also pull super senior cats that are at risk for euthanasia in high kill shelters.

Join us in our mission!

Your donations allow us to continue to help senior cats that deserve a chance to live their final chapter with love and proper care. Help us provide for their care and ensure their story ends with love and compassion...

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