Rescue Partner Medical Funding Program

Our sole goal is to keep super senior cats out of shelters. These cats deserve a safe place to spend their golden years where they will be loved and provided the medical care that they need. But we are only one small rescue with limited space to help a lot of these cats ourselves. So, what is a rescue to do? The simple answer is, we partner!

Senior Cat Action Network works with other amazing rescues across the United States to provide medical funding for super senior cats they have recently pulled from a shelter or taken in through an owner surrender. If we don't have the human resources to pull a cat ourselves (or the cat is geographically far away from us), then we assist our Rescue Partners who do have the space by providing funds to cover some of the medical costs for that super senior cat. This eases the financial burden for the pulling rescue and we are able to assist even if we can't bring the cat into our own rescue. Its a win-win for the cats and that is our goal.

All of our Rescue Partners must be pre-approved through a simple application process. Once approved, they submit a Medical Funding Request for each cat they pull that needs assistance. That's it!

They say "it takes a village" to make change. Our Rescue Partner Medical Funding Program is a village working to protect aged felines across the United States.

Program Details

What organizations do you work with?

We primarily assist foster-based, all volunteer rescues that are public charity 501(c)(3) organizations in good standing with the IRS and with net assets less than $1 million at the time of approval.  We do not approve organizations deemed to be "open intake" shelters or those that have contracts with local and / or state governments.

What are the requirements for funding?

The cats assisted should be 15 years of age or older and require a medical procedure / surgery or diagnostics performed by a third-party licensed veterinarian (e.g., a dental cleaning, an ultrasound, an EKG, etc.). We do not cover the cost of boarding, routine bloodwork, vaccinations, emergency visits, take home medications, or prescription food.

Any other requirements or limitations?

Veterinarians used by our rescue partners must provide a rescue discount and not be employed by the rescue; Senior Cat Action Network provides payment directly to the rescue's third-party vet practice only.  Medical funding will be capped at $750 per cat, subject to available funding.

Anything else?

No funds are provided directly to our Rescue Partners - any approved funding is paid directly to our partner's veterinarian after we have received a detailed invoice. We provide funding for newly rescued super senior cats only (those that have been brought into a rescue in the past 90 days).

Program Impact

As of March 31, 2024


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Average Funding per Cat

Cats We've Assisted

These are just some of the wonderful super seniors that have been helped through our Rescue Partner Medical Funding Program.

22 years old

Newman Nation: Senior Pets United (IL)

Tiger Diamond
14 years old

Whiskers of Love Cat Rescue & Sanctuary (PA)

15 years old

Kitty Kat Haven (WA)

15 years old

Frankie's Feline Fund (NY)

18 years old

Silver Whiskers Feline Rescue (NV)

Thing Two
18 years old

Surfcat Rescue (CA)

19 years old

Surfcat Rescue (CA)

15+ years old

Silver Whiskers Feline Rescue (NV)

17 years old

Frankie's Feline Fund (NY)

20 years old

Silver Whiskers Feline Rescue (NV)

15 years old

Philadelphia Urgent Rescue & Relief (PA)

15 years old

Frankie's Feline Fund (NY)

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Your donations allow us to continue to help senior cats that deserve a chance to live their final chapter with love and proper care. Help us provide for their care and ensure their story ends with love and compassion...

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